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We are happy to solve any pest problem. We work quickly, discreet and with respect for the environment!

Pest control

Olischlager specializes in preventing and tacking problems caused by pests. Our hygiene and pest prevention & control professionals are hard at work every day, tackling pest problems for government, business, and individuals.

Property clearing

Whether it’s clearing a house ready for moving, following a death, or any other reason. Or clearing out a company’s premises after bankruptcy, or clearing out a garden or barn/shed. Whatever the reason, you can turn to Olischlager for professional help.

Professional cleaning

Are you selling a house and want to have it cleaned? Is your current tenant moving out and you want to get the house clean for the new occupant? Are you vacating a building and want to have it cleaned? For these and many other situations, we offer professional cleaning.

About us

For more than 160 years
Your cleaning & clearing partner

With more than 160 years of experience in pest prevention and control in Maastricht and Limburg, Olischlager provides a fast, effective, and sustainable approach to pest control, property clearing, and professional cleaning.

The Pied Piper of Maastricht

After August Olischlager founded Olischlager B.V. and registered the company with the Chamber of Commerce in 1858, it was Johan Stephan Olischlager who took over as the second generation of the company. He cycled the streets of Maastricht and the surrounding area, helping many businesses and households get rid of the pests that plagued them. No wonder they called him the Pied Piper of Maastricht! With his particular method of ridding the area of rats, he gained fame throughout Limburg and beyond. You’ll still hear him talked about by older generations. That makes us very proud indeed!

Family business

Now, more than 160 years later, the sixth generation is at the helm of Olischlager. The company has been passed down from father to son, uncle to nephew, and so on, always remaining in the hands of the Olischlager family. A lot has changed in that time, though. We now offer extensive services, such as property clearing and professional cleaning. As legislation and regulations change and we learn more about flora and fauna, we have made huge strides in control and prevention. It was only right that we change our motto from ‘fight with poison as standard’ in the early years to ‘sustainable solutions’ today.standaard met vergif bestrijden’ in de beginjaren naar ‘duurzame oplossingen’ anno nu.

Personal yet professional

Despite these developments, our family values have been passed down from generation to generation over the years and remain unchanged. As a family, we are at the heart of the business, in close contact with our customers, so we know what’s happening and can carry on delivering the same high quality we always have done. Fast response times, personal attention, and sustainable and customized solutions – these are still the core values in everything we do. And of course, we know the legal aspects inside out, allowing us to provide the right advice however large or small your company may be. Together, we will create the right prevention and treatment plan focused on your business.

The right solution for every business

We know what expertise the job requires and how fast we need to do it. We also know how delicate the situation can be and how we need to consider a range of options. That's why we do what we do discreetly, consciously, and sustainably – in a way that is tailor-made and delivers long-lasting results.


Not every animal is a pest. We can explain why, what the difference is, and how an animal has found its way into your home or business. We hope this will reassure you and help you understand how nature works, and above all show you why we only use more intense resources if this is really necessary.


We know that we are dealing with personal situations or companies with a public-facing role. The emphasis in everything we do is on hygiene and prevention. We will never share personal or company-specific information with third parties. We just want to stress how important that is to us.


Why go full force straight away when there might not be any need to? Not only do we want to protect our planet, but a measured response is also better for you and your business’s ecosystem. We’ll first look at how big the problem is. We’d be happy to tell you more about your unwanted guests to help dispel any fears you have and explain how carefully we handle the pesticides we use. Our work today is much more focused on prevention: we tackle the cause to avoid any pest problems in the first place. If the problem calls for stronger pesticides, we of course have what we need to tackle any type of pest.

Tailored solutions for long-term results

Every company is different. Every property has its own layout. So, every type of pest requires a different approach. That’s why we deliver custom-made solutions to every customer. There are multiple ways to make a space unattractive for animals that don’t belong there. We always look beyond just using pesticides as a one-off; we carry out a thorough investigation into the cause, so we can advise you on the measures to take to prevent any future problems. Some problems can be solved right away – and that’s exactly what we’ll do on our first visit where possible.

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