Olischlager specializes in preventing and tacking problems caused by pests

Our hygiene and pest prevention & control professionals are hard at work every day, tackling pest problems for government, business, and individuals. We solve pest problems professionally and effectively, providing tailor-made advice to prevent problems and damage from reoccurring.

We know better than anyone how important good hygiene is for you, your customers, your staff, and the products and services you offer. There is now a whole range of regulations you need to and want to comply with. Laws and regulations that are constantly in flux. This is a lot of extra work for you to keep up with, but for us it’s our bread and butter. That’s why you can leave it to us – both to prevent problems and to resolve them.

In your home, there are plenty of reasons why pests might want to take up residence: from keeping pets and having a high humidity to a malfunctioning sewage system. Pests that settle in your cavity walls or find their way into your house through joints and crevices. Uninvited guests who stow away in your suitcase when you come home from a trip. Whatever the cause, you’ll want to get rid of them. We understand that, and we’d be happy to help you. Fast, effectively, and in a way that's right for you.

Olischlager takes care of pests including:

  • rats
  • mice
  • crawling/jumping insects, such as cockroaches and fleas
  • flying insects, such as wasps and flies
  • woodworm and other wood-damaging insects
  • To remove birds and martens from your home, please also get in touch with us.

Olischlager offers pest control for the following sectors:

  • offices
  • agriculture & livestock
  • hospitality
  • industry & construction
  • retail
  • nursing homes
  • We also work closely with several housing associations, municipalities, and school communities.