Did you know that Olischlager is committed to maintaining the bee population?

Bees are dying out at an alarming rate worldwide, not least in the Netherlands. Wild species and bumblebees are rapidly dwindling, while honeybees are suffering from increased winter mortality, diseases, and shortened life expectancy of the queens. Nature, agriculture, and horticulture all depend on bees and other pollinators, such as bumblebees. It is so important that the bee populations don’t decrease any further, but rather grow.

At Olischlager, we know how hugely important nature is to us and that the bee population is maintained. Iwan Olischlager, owner of Olischlager B.V., is a bee-keeper himself and is dedicated to looking after the bee population.

We have started with one bee colony and hope to expand it with several more. We also try to talk to as many of our contacts as possible about how useful these beautiful insects are. Did you know that bees help produce 80% of the fruit and vegetables we see in the shops? We are often called out to tackle a wasp nest, only to find bees on arrival. We see it as our duty to spread the word as much as possible and allay any unfounded fear of bees, which is often based on incorrect information.