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Armed with more than 160 years of experience in pest prevention and control, Olischlager B.V. is also Limburg’s number-one woodworm specialist.

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More than 160 years of experience

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What is woodworm?

Wood-boring insects, commonly known as ‘woodworm’, are a group of various types of insects and fungi that attack wood. These include the common furniture beetle or the house longhorn beetle, the larvae of which can cause considerable damage to your building or furniture. Mould (fungus) can also be harmful and make your wooden construction unstable. Proper control of wood infestations is therefore an absolute must if you want to preserve the value and quality of your building or furniture.

Specialized in woodworm control

Over the years, we have specialized in various methods of combating all kinds of wood-boring pests and have invested not only in the knowledge and skills of our employees, but also in equipment and service levels.

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